From Niche to the Masses; How Gaming Changed Demographic

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that gaming largely had a somewhat singular audience as the primary demographic had been younger teen males, the older adverts particularly for the likes of handheld devices from Nintendo certainly helped to show this more than anything else too – but over the past few years that has changed, the once niche audience of primarily younger teen males has since changed particularly on devices like mobile as statistics show that over half of all players are now over the age of 34, with the same statistic also suggesting that women are now primary consumers of mobile games. But what led to the change?

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Changing genres help grow newer audiences – Whilst game releases are targeted for all audiences, there are certainly some genres that are more favoured amongst some rather than others and to hit the older players in particular. This has been seen particularly on the likes of mobile with the rise of non uk casinos as one of the most popular genres on the platform that have helped many players make the adjustment and will continue to be something that leads to further change moving forward as different genres are targeted primarily to this new audience as the primary consumer.  Continue reading “From Niche to the Masses; How Gaming Changed Demographic”

The Most Anticipated Games of 2021

The successful launches of the latest dedicated gaming platforms of the Xbox and PlayStation have certainly helped to build hype around some of the biggest gaming releases of the year, and with the growth of other platforms like mobile and the growing popularity in different gaming genres just like these, a bigger audience than ever before are starting to explore the possibilities in gaming too. But which titles are looking to fill that gap of the most anticipated releases, and which could be the biggest games throughout the end of this year?

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Reliving the nostalgia – The past few years have certainly leant into the trend of bringing back older titles with re-releases and remasters, and 2021 certainly seems to be no different as some of the biggest titles of days past will be coming back too. Fans looking to relive the 1999 N64 classic have already seen the release of the new Pokémon Snap, the voyeuristic game of photographing different Pokémon in different habitats and will surely be a favourite, the remake of the Playstation 1 classic of Final Fantasy 7 was also a huge success with the re-release being handled in multiple different chapters with the second of Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Intergrade set to release in June too. There are plenty of others like Mario Golf Super Rush also looking to fill this nostalgia fix too, and certainly provides a good release schedule for those looking to take a look back once again. Continue reading “The Most Anticipated Games of 2021”

Can Virtual Reality Change Gaming?

One of the more impactful tech changes in gaming over the past few years has certainly presented itself in the form of both augmented and virtual reality – many will look back fondly at the summer of 2016 and the release of the mobile game Pokémon GO and how the introduction of augmented reality got millions of players outside once again – the opposite is now true where many of us have been stuck inside for the better part of a year with uncertainty around when things can return to normal, and looking for a new perspective, with virtual reality certainly becoming much more popular. The biggest uses certainly remain within the dedicated platforms, but there are many other online services starting to adopt the usage of virtual reality as some no limit casinos online are certainly finding the benefits – but  can virtual reality really change gaming?

One of the biggest hurdles is certainly being overcome in price, it had been difficult for many new players to enter the market as price had been such a huge issue but numbers have since come down making the entry much more accessible for many players, particularly through the consoles where VR is becoming most prominent, and this may be something that is doubled down on moving forward too as Sony had announced the next generation of VR through PSVR2 hoping to build many improvements whilst it aims to “enable the ultimate entertainment experience with dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity.” Continue reading “Can Virtual Reality Change Gaming?”

Are ‘Phablet’s The Perfect Size For Gaming?

Mobile gaming is taking the world by storm and online casinos are banking on the fact that their players want to play casino games on the go. While it’s possible to play casino games on smaller mobile phones, phablets offer a better gaming experience for one main obvious reason. The greater screen size = greater gaming enjoyment.

What Is A Phablet?

If you’ve never heard of a phablet before then this article is unlikely to have made much sense to you thus far. Essentially, a phablet is a mobile device or smartphone that has a screen that is larger in size than that of a typical mobile phone. Phablets are the largest types of smartphone – they’re in between a tablet and a phone, hence been dubbed ‘phablet’.

Many people are choosing to buy these types of phones so that they can play all their favourite games and enjoy a better experience thanks to the greater screen size. With phablets becoming more popular we wonder – are they the perfect size for gaming? Continue reading “Are ‘Phablet’s The Perfect Size For Gaming?”

How to prepare the cloud security for your data

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Even if there weren’t numerous studies out there predicting a rapid increase in the number of companies adopting cloud security solutions, it is obvious to even a casual observer that people are getting less hesitant to climb the beanstalk. One of the main issues that made people resist the new technology were security concerns.

This hardly seems surprising when you hear about some of the better known intrusions or crashes that have left some major services unavailable for a while, but the fact is that those services usually recovered without major consequences and that the number of successful attacks or serious crashes is not exactly that disheartening.

Finally, providers of cloud services are more than aware of the fact that data security is still perceived as one of the main issues with cloud computing and a lot of effort is being devoted to addressing each and every chink in the armor. For this reason, cloud security requirements are being updated regularly. Aside from that, there are also some things that you can do on your end to help maximize data security.

It is true that you make your data vulnerable as soon as you upload it but there are ways to eliminate some of that vulnerability. For one, you need to have control over who can access the data. If you are using a particular service on a corporate level, there needs to be a well defined hierarchy defining who has access to what parts of data. With the most sensitive data being available to the people who absolutely have to have access.


Your data is vulnerable even before it reaches the cloud. Which is why you have to make sure that you are using a secure connection when you are uploading something to or downloading something from the cloud. This means that you should stay away from public networks, like the ones in parks, coffee shops, libraries and similar.

Likewise, using your smartphone or tablet to access the data might not be the best idea. Individuals would do well to make a habit of paying attention when, where and how they are accessing their data. While companies should make sure to include all the relevant cloud security info in training of employees.

A short mention of passwords should also be a part of that security training. Even though most people are aware of the fact that it is not too wise to have just one password for numerous accounts, a lot of them still do it, believing that it’ll never actually cause any harm. It usually does, and if you enable someone to access the sensitive data of your company or acquire control over your personal storage, you’ll be quite sorry you weren’t willing to put in that extra bit of effort. Using something like LastPass might make it easier for you to keep track of your various passwords.

Another crucial step in ensuring the cloud security of your data is researching the provider, checking how long they have been in the business. What their track record is and how many dissatisfied customers do they have. Make sure to study the terms of agreement carefully, and see what kind of protection they are able to offer.

Finally, if you are really worried about someone getting to your data but still want to have it backed up online, you could always encrypt it before sending it to the cloud. This will make it impossible to share it with someone who doesn’t have the encryption key. You wouldn’t have to worry about prying eyes seeing it.