LG 50PZ850T 3D TV Review

LG’s 50PZ850T is one of the first of LG’s 3D TVs to incorporate two latest developments, active 3D and PenTouch.

So before delving deeper in the rest of this model’s features, we’d better start with an explanation of what these two new offerings from LG are.

LG Active 3D

LG only uses active 3D on it’s plasma models for a simple reason. LG’s plasmas aren’t able to produce sufficient brightness to balance the effects of their passive 3D filters.

LG PenTouch

As it sounds, you get a pen and you touch it on the screen. Why would you want to do that then? Well as this model can access the internet, you can use it as a mouse directly on the screen. If you are in the habit of viewing your photos on your TV, you can sweep through them with a swish of the pen. How practical is it? Well, sitting directly in front of a 50 inch plasma screen isn’t exactly how I want to access the internet. Just as well then that this model has ‘Protective Skin Glass’, which as well as boosting picture clarity also protects the screen.

LG 50PZ850T 3D TV

Back to the TV!

As with all LG Plasma 3D TVs, this model is endorsed by THX (THX is the next generation surround sound system company) as well as the Imaging Science Foundation (The Imaging Science Foundation helps to improve the quality of electronic imaging.).

Why should you care? Well these endorsements are only handed out to a very television models that you are able to tweak the colour management controls. That means you can set up your TV to perfectly meet your own colour tastes.

The 50PZ850T marks a design change for LG, with a much slimmer screen frame along with a new reflective metal finish.

The design of the 50PZ850T has to class as a significant feature, meanwhile. For as well as boasting one of LG’s impressively slender ‘Razor Frame’ bezels, it enjoys a shiny metallic finish that’s quite new for LG and gives the set a pleasingly distinctive and gently opulent appearance.

On the screen, picture quality is about standard, nothing to shout home about. Blacks are deep and comparable to the better LCD screens, and contrast performance is very good, with clear details in both shadow and bright areas. Continue reading “LG 50PZ850T 3D TV Review”