What is a Phablet Phone and What Makes Them So Unique?

In every technological evolution that happens, such as the evolution of the mobile phone. There are micro-evolutions too. For it’s because of the telephone that we have the telephone that we have mobile phones. And from the mobile phones to smartphones. And from smartphones, to tablets. And from tablets, to phablets! Where phablets are a cross between a smartphone and a tablet PC. And it’s a mobile device that allows you to do and enjoy all of the features and functions of a smartphone and a tablet PC!

And in our digitally driven lives in this world we live in today, it’s just so much more efficient to have one device that can do everything for you that your smartphone and your tablet PC can do. Something that can make and take calls, video calls, surf the web, read and send emails and use instant chat apps etc.

As well as something that lets you do things on it that you might only otherwise ordinarily be able to do on your laptop or even desktop PC. And we all know how even though there is usually “an app for that” for most design and development tools, such as for musicians and directors, etc. But let’s face it, these aren’t usually quite as powerful and as easy and quick to use as the actual computer app for it is on your laptop/desktop. Continue reading “What is a Phablet Phone and What Makes Them So Unique?”