Top 5 Action Games

World of Tanks


Hopping into a tank and taking the controls is a dream many boys and men have. So, it goes without saying that World of Tanks gives just those kinds of players the opportunity to live their dreams. This free-to-play, action-packed title will challenge players to use their strategy and fight alongside their friends in realistic tank combat. Featuring many tanks, including some of the most iconic tanks ever to see battle, players can try out different tactics and upgrades. The more experience gained, the more players can improve their tanks and make them true machines of war.

League of Legends

League of Legends

Enter the realm of MOBA-style gaming with this free-to-play title. League of Legends will give players the opportunity to choose from over one hundred different heroes and take them into battle. The goal is to outwit and out maneuver your opponent with your hero by mastering the unique skills of the character and their abilities.

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Warhammer Online- Wrath of Heroes

The Warhammer universe comes alive once again in this free-to-play, action-packed game. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes will pit players against one another in fast-paced combat as three teams try to capture objectives on a variety of maps. With many different heroes to choose from, players will be able to find a character that fits their playing style, whether it is charging head-long into battle or launching fierce attacks from the rear. Continue reading “Top 5 Action Games”